More success in the agency business with FeatValue and Clockify

When you integrate Clockify into FeatValue, you can see at a glance how much time you have spent on your tasks, projects and clients.

Use Clockify with FeatValue

FeatValue: Simple, clear customer portal with all necessary functions

Your project management software: Complex workflows with many views, filters and settings

FeatValue UI

Configured in just a few steps


Install add-on on Clockify

Here you can install the FeatValue add-on on Clockify.

Link account

After installing the add-on, you will find the "FeatValue" entry in the Clockify menu. Click on "Link Account" here to create the link with FeatValue.

Registration with FeatValue

After you have authorized yourself, you will be redirected to FeatValue. There you can create a FeatValue account. Your FeatValue account will be linked automatically.

E-mail verification

Welcome to FeatValue!

Now you've done it! You can now invite your clients and work with them. Click on "Create client":

Create client

FeatValue was developed in collaboration with the client.

Create project

Each client can have several projects. You can create a project by clicking on "Create project".

The project was created in Clockify

After you have created the project, it has already been created in Clockify.

Your times are now imported into FeatValue

All times recorded in the projects are now imported into FeatValue. If you place the number of the task (e.g. #123) or the number within your linked project management system (e.g. Jira) in the task description, the time entry is automatically assigned to the task.

Importierte Zeiten auf FeatValue
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