Interfejs między agencją a klientem

Dzięki portalowi klienta FeatValue Ty i Twoi klienci zawsze zachowacie przewagę, nawet przy dużej liczbie projektów. FeatValue można łatwo zintegrować z oprogramowaniem do zarządzania projektami.

FeatValue: Simple, clear customer portal with all necessary functions

Your project management software: Complex workflows with many views, filters and settings

FeatValue UI
FeatValue Dashboard

Clearly arranged

Everything in view - at all times

With FeatValue, your customers have the entire project in view at all times. They see all tasks including their priorities. Long waiting times for feedback are spared thanks to FeatValue.


Significantly reduced communication effort

After you complete a task, your clients will automatically receive a notification. With the included link, customers can then review the completed task and mark it as done. If required, customers can directly reflect constructive feedback on the task via FeatValue.

Task transition


Deep integration with your project management

Featvalue integrates into your processes - not the other way around. It does not replace your project management software, but integrates into your infrastructure.

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Placeholder quote author

"I have an overview of all tickets and am regularly informed of their status thanks to FeatValue."

Steffen Webelsiep, Projectmanager Bullship at LV digital

Especially for agencies

Why FeatValue?

Due to our agency business, we know the everyday life of service providers very well. The same questions often arise in collaboration: When will the project be finished? Which tasks are currently being worked on? Which tasks are currently important to the important to the customer or should be prioritized?

To solve these issues, we have tested various service desk solutions with the customers. The problem was that they were not designed for the agency business, Instead, they are designed to handle a small number of tasks from a large number of customers. In the agency business, it's usually the other way around. That's why we designed FeatValue, that you and your customers can keep track of more than 1,000 tasks.

  • Minimal communication effort
  • Dynamic integration into your project management
  • Easy-to-use task management
  • Client-oriented, because developed with clients
  • Simple Kanban functions
  • Weekly reports for you and your clients
Stefan Wienströer

"Traditional service desks are not aligned with agency business."

Stefan Wienströer
CEO a coding project GmbH
+49 251 590 644-60
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