More success in the agency business with FeatValue and ClickUp

With FeatValue client portal, you can better engage your clients in your project management while working in your familiar ClickUp environment.

Connect ClickUp with FeatValue

FeatValue: Simple, clear customer portal with all necessary functions

Your project management software: Complex workflows with many views, filters and settings

FeatValue UI

Configured in a few steps


Select workspace at clickup

Here you can allow FeatValue to access ClickUp. After you have logged in to ClickUp, you can select a workspace that you want to connect to FeatValue.

Registration to FeatValue

After you have selected a workspace, you will be redirected to FeatValue. There you can create a FeatValue account. Your FeatValue account will be linked automatically.

Email verification

Welcome to FeatValue!

Now you have done it! You can now invite your clients and work with them. Click on "Create client":

Create client

FeatValue was developed for collaboration with the client.

Create project

Each client can have multiple projects. You can create a project by clicking on "Create project".

Client and project were created in ClickUp

After you have created the project, a workspace for the client has already been created in ClickUp.

You can recognize clients from FeatValue by the prefix "FV - ".

Create task

This completes the configuration. You and your clients can now create tasks in FeatValue.

After the task is created, it will also appear in ClickUp.

Review process

Now you and your team can get the job done. If your client changes the priority or leaves a comment in the meantime, this will be taken over directly in ClickUp. As soon as you are done with your work, you can set the task in ClickUp to "complete".

Your client will be notified by email and can review the task in FeatValue:

The task can be accepted or rejected.

If something is still missing, the task will be reopened in ClickUp. If everything is ok, the task will also be closed in FeatValue and you have earned your closing time!

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